Writing Homework Help: How to Write an Essay Effectively

Jun 4th 2020

Essay in a Nutshell

An essay is a literary composition or piece of writing that deals with a single subject. It is composed of 3 parts – introduction, or an overview of what the essay is about; body of the paragraph which contains all the information and supporting details about the topic; and conclusion or a summary of what the essay is about.

Tips in Writing

Assuming you already have a topic, the next thing to do is to research about your chosen topic and gather all the relevant information related to it. Read all materials and take note of the facts and details which you think will be useful in your paper by writing it in an index card. Through this, it will be easier to write your essay since you are able to sift the information you need. Now that you have all the details you need, it’s time to make an outline. An outline is a schematic or numbered plan which provides details of what to expect on your essay. It is like creating the essay itself however, it contains phrases or words. By having an outline, it is easier for you to write your paper because you will only have to follow the flow written on it and provide detailed information about your topic.

Another important thing to remember in writing is to include only the relevant information in your paper. Avoid flowery words and be direct to the point. Use simple words which readers can easily understand. Keep in mind that you are writing for other people, not for yourself. And of course, use your time wisely by starting early. An instructor can tell whether the work submitted is rushed or not. If you want to produce a quality paper, then avoid cramming and start working.

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