Websites That Help Solve Math Problems

Jun 11th 2020

Problem solving is often the waterloo of most students. In the normal arithmetic drills, students would gain high scores and be able to perform them with accuracy and precision. This however, is not really what is essential in math. The most important part of why we are taking up math inside the classroom is that we must learn to apply them in real life. This is the main purpose of problem solving and why students are drilled daily with word problems. Below are some websites that help solve math problems.

Study Guides and Strategies

Students would often read the problem without really trying to understand and just give a presentable solution based on the clue words that they find in the problem. This site provides a step by step process for students to follow in order for them to instill a habit when solving word problems. The structure helps students to follow a systematic procedure in order to get the correct answer to a word problem. The site offers a sample problems and explanations on how to deal with the problem.

Singapore Math Source

The Singapore Math Source is one of the great websites that help solve math problems since it discusses their techniques on how they improve their generation of students into being the best in the world when it comes to math. They explained the importance of using number bonds and models to solve word problems. They discuss on how to achieve mathematical fluency using mental strategies.

Purple Math

This website helps solve math problems by teaching students how to translate English into mathematical equations that can help them solve the problem. They listed down key words to remember in order for the students to translate these key words into certain operations to be used in the order that they are presented in the word problem.

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