Step by Step Procedure that Help Solve Algebra Problems

Jun 1st 2020

The World of Algebra

One of the many branches of Mathematics, Algebra is the study wherein letters and symbols are used to represent unknown numbers, variables and quantities in order to formulate an equation. As a result, said equation will be used in order to find the unknown in a given problem. Algebra is an important subject as it is useful in various fields such as Engineering, Computer Science, Economics and Physics.

How to Solve Algebra Problems

In order to help solve algebra problems easily, you must consider the following steps:

  1. Read the problem carefully. Before you answer any type of problem, it is important to read and understand the problem. Read the problem three times or until you'll be able to identify what is being asked.
  2. Identify the unknown and assign variables. Now that you've understood the problem, determine what the problem is looking after. Assign variables and label each according to the given facts in the problem.
  3. Make an equation. Since Algebra word problems are expressed in algebraic equations, convert the problem based on the identified facts and variables. While in this process, there may be a need to eliminate certain variables which are not needed in answering the problem.
  4. Solve the problem. Now that you've established your equation, it's time to solve your Algebra problem. Here, you may need to apply previous learning such as the distributive property and inductive and deductive reasoning.
  5. Check your answer. Keep in mind that the once you find the answer, the equation should be balanced. Otherwise, something went wrong in the process.


You will never learn Algebra unless you read your lessons carefully, listen to your teacher and practice, practice, practice. As much as possible, familiarize yourself with the different formulas and mathematical terms and answer as many problems as possible in order to succeed in this subject.

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