Disadvantages of Online Math Homework Help

Jun 1st 2020

The Internet has been gaining wide popularity not only in terms of social media, but in different fields as well, such as Education. Students can easily access the enormous library of information that is the Internet, with just one click of a button. This is beneficial in most cases, although there is a flip side to this as well. Benefits range from utilization of available information, which promotes self-help, especially in subjects deemed complex. In Math, for example, online math homework help truly has a lot of its advantages, from the convenience it provides to the diversity of examples the student can work on. However, disadvantages are also numerous, with issues of cheating, decreased student performance and non-absorption of the topic being discussed.

Cheating has been an age-old problem for teachers, however the type of education may be. Especially with Internet as the medium, exchanges among users are very much rampant. The student, instead of using his resources to find the best way to solve the problem at hand may just find easier ways to get to the answer, like key in the exact question and immediately get the answer or enter forums wherein fellow online users could do the work for him.

Another disadvantage of online math homework help would be the use of non-critical approaches. Online, a student can attempt to get an answer online multiple times until he gets the correct one. This trial and error approach only leads to complete dependence by the student, basically not thinking how to solve the problem anymore. Aside from these, this online Math homework help sites also charge for specific services. And given that anything accessible online is susceptible to bugs and other technical difficulties, money, as well as valuable time may be lost. Bust as previously mentioned, there are always two sides to a coin, and these disadvantages when carefully addressed may have just the slightest effect in the student's learning.

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