Math Problems Help That Works

Jun 11th 2020

Abstract concepts are difficult to grasp especially if you are not familiar with the concept involved in the problem. Students struggle to solve problems for reasons that these are numbers that are not materialized into concrete objects that they can hold on to and understand. Numerical fluency takes time for most students to master. Sometimes, when they have an applied experience with the concept, like giving change, paying bills, use fractions in cooking, and other tangible experiences that they could relate the concept to, only then can they fully understand how to solve these math problems. To help these students with such dilemma, here are some math problems help that works.

Abacus and Finger Math

This math problems help makes multiplication so much fun. It makes students feel that they have a built-in calculator in their fingers. This will help students to solve multiplication problems without memorizing the table of multiplication. If bigger numbers will be used, an abacus will also help the counting skill and multiplication skills of the child. Children in China are able to multiply huge numbers in a span of a very short time due to abacus math.

Use of Acronyms

Using acronyms such as Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS) for the order of operations, Daddy, Mommy, Brother, Sister (Divide, Multiply, Bring Down, Subtract) for the order of operation when doing long division and other acronyms that will help the student look easily remember steps in trying to solve a problem.

Math Multiplication Tricks

Shortcuts in doing multiplication such as the trick of 11 like for example 11 x 23 = 253 which is placing the sum of both digits (2 +3) that you are multiplying with 11 and placing it in the middle of the two digits. There are several shortcuts that you could teach the students to make solving problems in math a bit more fun than usual.

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