Linear Algebra Help Guide

Jun 4th 2020

What is Linear Algebra?

Linear Algebra is a branch of Mathematics which involves the study of vector spaces, linear transformation and linear mappings between spaces. Because of its well-developed theory, linear algebra and its techniques is often used in various fields such as Geometry, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Physics and Natural Sciences.

How to Succeed in Linear Algebra

Like any other branches of Mathematics, Linear Algebra can be complex because of the involvement of various equations and theories. As a result, a lot of students have a hard time answering problems related to the topic as well as find the correlation between the subject and other fields. In order to help you with your predicament, here are several ways which can guide you in your study.

• Do your part as a student. Part of being a student means studying your lessons ahead of time, doing your homework and listening attentively to your teacher especially when the problem and how to arrive with the answer correctly is being discussed. If you really want to succeed in Linear Algebra, or in any other subjects, learn how to be a student. And that means discipline as well.
• Practice. Since linear algebra involves a lot of equations, there is no better way to learn than practicing. Follow the step-by-step procedure provided in your book and answer the problems given at the end of each chapter.
• Supplement your knowledge. There are various sample questions available online. You should try answering those to test whether you have understood the lesson or not.
• Write down the solutions on homework and exams. Keep in mind that procedure is more important than the result. Through this, you’ll easily check whether you’re able to write the mathematical equations correctly and determine whether there are any errors on your solutions. And make sure to write everything neatly and in an organized manner.

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