LA Homework Help: Doing your Homework Effectively

May 29th 2020

The Student Life

Aside from extracurricular activities and everyday classes, every student’s academic life will always involve homework. It is the best gauge to know whether the student understood the lesson or not while encouraging continuous learning through research. However, some, if not all, students dread doing their assignments without realizing its benefits. In fact, doing homework can be done easily.

How to do it

Aside from setting a study schedule and having a conducive study environment, the following can also be done in doing your assignments more effectively.

a. Be Organized. Have a separate notebook for your homework and write down all the tasks that need to be accomplished. Through this, you won’t be able to miss out anything.
b. One task at a time. Multitasking may be effective for some. But if you really want to finish everything, then concentrate on one task first before going to the next one.
c. Practice. People always say “practice makes perfect.” When doing your homework, particularly those hard ones, answer the sample exercises provided in your book. You won’t learn unless you practice the concepts and lessons taught.
d. Get a break. Studying can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Taking a study break for at least 15 minutes can help clear your mind. But when you do, make sure it won’t take too long that you’ll start to forget that there is an assignment that needs to be done. Never abuse your study breaks otherwise, you won’t be able to accomplish anything.
e. Avoid cramming. Since some instructors give assignments ahead of time, make use of your time wisely and finish it even before the scheduled deadline. Teachers are after quality works so if you’re aiming for good grades, then don’t cram.


At the end of the week, reward yourself with something such as watching a movie or going out with friends. Every student needs to have balance and after all the hard work you put in, a night off won’t hurt.

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