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Jun 11th 2020

Why try to do everything manually in math when there are tools that will help you do the task faster? Aside from your normal calculator, there are different mathematical tools that you could use to get the same result in a lesser amount of time. Here are some great homework helpers for math that would surely be a favorite tool once you try them.

Quadratic Equation Solver

A lot of students would find this great homework helper for math a gift from heaven. This equation solver will help you solve any quadratic equation with just a press of a button. All the student has to do is to input the formula into the solver and it automatically solves for the values of the constants. This is quite a helpful tool for checking homework and sees if they got the right answers. Students should not rely on this tool so much cause then they would not be able to practice solving manually when tests require solutions. The Quadratic Equation Solver does not provide solutions just like any other calculator.

Graphing Calculator

The graphing calculator often helps teachers to create their worksheets. Students could also use this tool as a homework helper for math to be able to graph equations given by their teachers. This tool gives you the coordinates and at the same time graphs the equation for you. You have to learn the basics how to use this calculator and what to input to be able to graph the equation.

Microsoft Excel

The Excel spread sheet is the mother of all calculators. This will not only help students but professionals as well. There are statistical tools, geometric tools, and other computational tools that you can use to be able to compute, graph and even create your own formulas.

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