5 Top Sites For Homework Help With Science

Jun 4th 2020

Do you need help with your science homework and don't know where to begin? The World Wide Web is a rich source of research materials that will help you out with your science homework. However, not all resources found in the internet are accurate and reliable which is why you have to be wary which websites to choose from.


Wikipedia may not be a full proof content site since it could be edited by almost anyone to add and deduct facts about the certain topic. There has been an incident of defacing just like what happened to the wiki site of Nancy Binay, a newly selected senator in the Philippines, which proves that Wikipedia is not 100% accurate.

How Stuff Works

How stuff works is an interesting website that has broad and fascinating topics in science. It helps students get updated with modern concepts and grasp the concepts in Science.


There are a lot of teacher materials in this site which probably means that your teacher might have gotten some of her materials from this site. Chances are there that the answers may also be found in the same website if you comb through the site. You'll also learn a lot of new and stimulating ideas from this website.

BBC and Discovery Channel

These websites are very reliable sources since the people committed to write the sites are scientists whose task is to ensure the validity and reliability of this source. There are worksheets and handouts given in their websites and even lectures on various topics in the different fields of science.


What makes this site easy to use is that it has a boot that is used to ask any question that you would like to be answered. So instead of browsing all around the site for an answer, you could simply use the search engine to give you an answer to your questions.

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