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May 29th 2020

The Science “Co-urse”

Coming from the Latin word “scientia” which means knowledge, science is the system of acquiring knowledge through the use of organized methods and experimentation in order to explain a natural phenomenon. While science has made an impact in today’s world, most students dread this subject because of its difficulty and the need to be accurate and precise in the findings.

Tips in doing your Science Homework

It is a common practice among school to give homework to ensure that the student is able to understand the concept taught in school. Here are few tips which can help you in doing your science homework.

• Read, read and read. You won’t be able to understand the concept unless you read the book and other supplementary materials. While science terms and topics may be intimidating, there’s no effective way of learning other than reading and understanding it.
• Make a study schedule. Studying science can be time-consuming, considering the concepts and methods that go with it. As much as possible, manage your time by creating a schedule for doing your science homework – and stick to it.
• Be Creative. Science is full of concepts, details, graphs, formulas, charts and even pictures in order to fully explain a particular topic. When studying, devise a way which can make it easier for you to remember the concepts so that when you do your homework, you can always revert to your own materials which saves you a lot from flipping pages in your textbook.
• Ask for help. When certain matters are unclear, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Or when you find it hard working alone, join a study group that is committed to learning.


You will never learn and succeed in science only you don’t work hard and devote your time to it. As much as possible, be diligent in doing your homework and read other materials to supplement your knowledge.

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