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Jun 1st 2020

The subject Mathematics has always given the majority of students a struggle, mostly because they find it hard to understand. Students are very vocal about their lack of interest and distaste with the said subject. This could probably be attributable to a lot of factors, like the medium that is used to teach the subject. Math is considered to be one of the more serious subjects, therefore, the usual methods teachers use to tackle it are the conventional "boring" means, sit-down and the teacher does all the talking. But it need not be the case. Teachers can devise ways to make learning math more fun, ensuring retention and interest by the students.

Given that the students are already interested in Math, it is essential that their understanding is gauged by exercises, although to provide them with normal take-home assignments will probably lead to diminishing interest and attention, especially if not properly supervised. Now to make things bearable and a bit more interesting for students, there are numerous tools that they could utilize online. In this day and age where the Internet is at everyone's disposal, students could choose to make use of the different tools and platforms available online to hone their math problem-solving skills.

Also, these exercises usually come in fun, game-like structure that best works for students. Retaining attention won't be a problem as the student is enjoying solving the problems. Solving math problems online is very effective, as it also provides a practice test environment, where the student is exposed to the math topic needed to be studied and could practice as much as he likes, eventually, achieving mastery of the lesson. It also helps that online exercises are done by students at their own pace and at home where they are most comfortable. In sum, math is arguably helpful in our lives; therefore it is imperative that we learn it, whichever way possible.

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