Algebra ii

Jun 1st 2020

What is Algebra ii?

Algebra ii comprises of relations and functions. It distinguishes the difference between relations and functions and explains how to represent relations and functions using mapping, diagrams and graph. It also explains how to determine if a relation is a function, by giving a representation of the relation. Algebra ii deals with quadratic equations, graphing, complex numbers, functions, sequences and series, exponents and logarithms.

Problem solving skills are emphasized throughout doing Algebra, and time is devoted to advanced topics like telescoping sums and functions

Terms Use in Algebra ii

Domain - the set of all values of x, the set A or all inputs of a relation or function.

Function - a relation in which every domain value is mapped to one and only one range value. Often denoted as f(x) 

Range - the relation is the set of all values of y, B or a subset of B or the set of all outputs of a relation or function.

Relation - a set of inputs and outputs, often written as ordered pairs.

Horizontal Line Test - If every horizontal line you can draw passes through only 1 point, x is a function of y. If you can draw a horizontal line that passes through 2 points, x is not a function of y.

Vertical Line Test - If every vertical line you can draw goes through only 1 point, y is a function of x. If you can draw a vertical line that goes through 2 points, y is not a function of x.

Restricted Domain - The domain of a function that is not defined for all real numbers.


Algebra is all about formulas, equations, and graphs. By using algebraic equations we use them to multiply binomials, dealing with radicals, finding the sum of sequences, and graphing the intersections of cones and planes.

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