The Napa Valley Vintners releases "The Economic Impact of Napa County’s Wine and Grapes"

On October 30, 2008, the Napa Valley Vintners released the Economic Impact of Wine and Grapes in Napa County report which states that the Napa Valley wine industry has increased 15 percent from the 2005 report for an annual value of nearly $11 billion on Napa County, and $41.9 billion nationwide.  The study conducted by top industry analyst Barbara Insel of Stonebridge Research concludes that, “While Napa Valley is uniquely suited for fine winegrowing due to its geography and climate, this value statement is also a reflection of the region’s reputation for quality and consistency...”

The Economic Impact report examines in far greater detail the impact of wineries, vineyards, and direct wine industry suppliers in terms of revenue, wages and employment, as well as a broader range of ancillary wine production activities.